Provide advice/develop strategy

Support strategy implementation

Develop and deliver customised training

Facilitate workshops/off-sites

Services are provided in the areas outlined in the separate sections below.

Service Areas

  • Culture and values
  • Inductions
  • Learning & development
  • Career pathways
  • Change management
  • Staff engagement
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management

When you need SPS support

Your business is going through an organisational change; you have high staff turnover/low morale; have an ‘Employer of Choice’ burning ambition; want to build a high performance culture; have completed a staff engagement survey but you are not sure exactly what it is telling you or where to start/what to do/how to prioritise your initiatives, need people systems and processes set up for a new business or improvements made to existing; need a greater focus on staff development; don’t have any HR professionals in your business or the ones you have are stretched too thin with operational matters.

Service Area

  • Team building (incl. DISC)
  • Stakeholder communication & engagement
  • Leadership & management development
  • Group coaching

When you need SPS support

You want to build a highly effective team; need a facilitator for an off-site that combines team development with strategy and business planning; need to bring two or more organisations into an integrated team; need cultural alignment between different teams/organisations; want to upskill the team’s management and leadership capability; need assistance in improving critical relationships.

Service Area

  • Career management

When you need SPS support

You want to be proactive in managing your career, you want to develop your own career plan that includes both personal and professional goals, you want to achieve a better work-life balance, you want to learn more about yourself and your talents, you want to know more about the importance of building and maintaining networks and finding your own mentors.

SPS has been running a customised Engineer Your Career Program for WSP since 2016. This program has allowed many engineering professionals to take the time out to reflect and get inspired to jump into the ‘driver’s seat’ of their lives and careers. The focus has very much been on sustainability, encouraging WSP professionals to be well-rounded and look after both their physical and mental health, whilst continuing to progress their careers in areas that play to their strengths.

What past participants have said about this program:

“This course has given me a more sustainable outlook on work and more energy around all the possibilities that can materialise at WSP, with the career plan I am starting to work on.”

“I thought the course was very well thought out and enabled me to look into how I want to develop my career.”

“Guest speakers were excellent and interaction exercises were helpful. Well run and added a lot of value.”

“DISC was really eye opening”

“This course woke me to the fact that a lot of the dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) that comes from career and work is really in your own control. If there was one statement I won’t forget (amongst many) it’s her (Natasa) saying about ‘not letting life happen to you’.